I just saw Off Broadstreet’s latest musical, “Doo-Wop Shoo-Bop.” It is the best show I’ve seen at Off Broadstreet, and I’ve seen a lot of them. Three friends who also saw the performance concur.

The show has a cute premise and a lot of funny lines, but what makes the show so outstanding are the four performers — Jed Dixon, Isaias Acosta, JR Lewis and Andrew Kerr. All have great voices, appealing personas and vibrant energy, and because their voices fit so well together, their harmonies are gorgeous. The very familiar songs — such as “Love Potion #9,” “Poison Ivy” and “Vaya Con Dios,” allow their vocal and acting abilities to shine. The crowd roared its approval after each tune because all were so well done.

Each man has an opportunity to both solo and harmonize. Some of the songs are sung a cappella; Katie Baker’s excellent accompaniment on keyboard backs many tunes. We all laughed and laughed; many of the dance moves, commentary and facial expressions are very humorous, creating an evening of delicious song and comedy. Do not miss this show! You will walk out of the theater with a very broad smile and a happy disposition.

Hindi Greenberg